Vannelli coffee, Nicaragua, El Suyatal



Roaster Vannelli coffee Italy Cortona
Origin Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, Dipilto
Farmer Olman Valladarez
Process Natural
Variety Red Caturra
Altittude 1200-1700 m
Notes Red Fruits, Raisins, Brown Sugar, Chocolate
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.25 kg


Nicaragua El Suyatal coffee is cultivated on Dipilto mountains, from 1200 – 1700 mt above sea level, near to the Honduras border. Coffee bushes grow mostly under shade, in sandy soil which is fertilized with environmentally- friendly techniques.

This Red Caturra variety, Natural Process has a very smooth body, a pleasant character with notes of ripe fruits, brown sugar and chocolate.


El Suyatal is located at 1500 mt above sea level and it’s the highest farm of Cafetalera Buenos Aires.

Cafetalera Buenos Aires was founded 55 years ago by Luis Emilio Valladarez and it covers 215 hectars.

His family business, run by Luis Emilio and his son Olman, is one of the most successful farms in Nicaragua, well known in the Cup of Excellence competition.


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