Vannelli coffee, Kenya Ichamama



Roaster Vannelli coffee Italy Cortona
Origin Nenya, Nyeri
Farmer Othaya Farmers Cooperative, Ichamama washing station
Process Washed
Variety Heirloom
Altittude 1800 m
Notes Dried Tomato, Blood Orange, Vanilla, Lemon
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.25 kg
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Kenya Ichamama, an elegant and intense fully washed coffee that we couldn’t wait to put on our webshop! It’s our first Kenyan coffee that we have in the house and we totally love the acidity and the citrus taste of it.

We suggest to try it on filter roast to enjoy the best elegant acidity that only African coffees can give.

Othaya Farmers Cooperative

Our Kenya Ichamama Coffee comes of course from the central part of Kenya, more precisely from Othaya. Here there is one of the most prestigious Cooperatives of that area: the Othaya society, an organization of 19 small wet mills. This cooperative was registered in 1956 and at the time they counted only 250 farms but today the association has grown up to 15000 members. Ichamama factory is part of the Othaya Cooperative and its wet mill is located between two rivers, in order to have always freshwater source.

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