Vannelli coffee, Ethiopia, Worka Wuri



Roaster Vannelli coffee Italy Cortona
Origin Ethiopia, Yiergacheffe
Farmer Worka Wuri
Process Washed
Variety Heirloom
Altittude 2200 m
Notes Orange Honey, Tangerine, Lemon Black Tea, White Flowers
Roasted Filter
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This coffee grows in Ethiopia, in the Yiergacheffe Region, in Gediya Area at 2200 mt above the sea.

The soil of this area is full and rich in minerals that give to coffees great complexity and texture.
The name Worka comes from the Cooperative’s name where this coffee has been processed: Worka Cooperative is the makeup of over 300 farms. Each farm processes its own coffee separately in order to have a more uniform and unique result.

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