Vannelli coffee, Ethiopia, Buku Abel



Roaster Vannelli coffee Italy Cortona
Origin Ethiopia, Guji
Farmer Buku
Process Natural
Variety Heirloom
Altittude 2000 m
Notes Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Milk chocolate
Roasted Filter
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Ethiopia Buku Abel is a guji variety, natural process. The plantation grows at 2000 mt above sea level, in rich and fertile volcanic soil.

Coffee cherries are carefully picked and selected then dried at Buku station, where each step is scrupulously monitored in order to achieve the best results out of this great natural coffee.

We love the amazing flavour of ripe mixed berries and milk chocolate of this Ethiopia Natural Buku Abel: very complex and smooth in espresso extraction but also lovely in filter methods.


The drying station Buku Abel, managed by DW company, is located in the village of Buku, at 400 km in the south of Addis Ababa. Established in an altitude of 2000 m, this place is composed by dense vegetation with a mix of various trees, coffee trees and ensets. The enset, commonly known as false banana, is a typical tree of southern Ethiopia. Buku is the name of the village but also of the river that runs through these hills.

DW company, both coffee producer and exporter, was founded around 20 years ago and it can be considered one of the most prominent firms in Guji area. DW company, managed by Demissie Edema, has been working very hard to enhance the quality of the coffee in this area and it’s remarkable its efforts to support all coffee producers.

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