Vannelli coffee, Colombia Monteblanco



Roaster Vannelli coffee Italy Cortona
Origin Colombia, Huila
Farmer Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
Process 120-hour Double Fermentation, Fully Washed
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altittude 1730 m
Notes Mango, Papaya, Dry Banana, Cherry
Roasted Filter
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Rodrigo, The Owner of Monteblanco, in 2014 planted three hectares of Pink Bourbon.

The name of this variety comes from the pinky colour of the ripe cherry.

The process of this micro-lot is a Double Fermentation.

Cherries are harvested at 22° C Brix and left in tanks for 36 hours, then pulped and fermented in another tank for other 44 hours, after these two steps cherries are washed and transferred to shaded bed to dry for 28 days.

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