Sweetbeans, Russian Sputnik B Filter


Roaster Sweetbeans Russia
Origin Classified
Farmer Classified
Process Who wants know?
Variety the Best
Altittude like Urals mountains
Notes vodka | caviar | borscht
Roasted filter
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While they cannot decide, our own Sputnik B is here!

We are not allowed to say whats inside, but we can assure you that only best ingredients were used. It smells very nice though! I can almost smell vodka and can imagine fresh, and juicy caviar on a side. Tastes like super warm borscht. It is definitely for filter injection coffee. Lovely.

So, if you dare, come to our coffeeshops to try and buy. Or use our eshop to get this limited edition(20 packs only)

Producer classified

Region classified

Altitude – 500 m

Varietal the Best

Process Who wants to know?

Drying in black bags

Certifications new word order organization

SCA you decide

Descriptors: vodka | caviar | borscht

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Weight 0.25 kg