Sweetbeans, Guatemala, El Platanillo Geisha


Roaster Sweetbeans Russia
Origin Guatemala, San Marcos
Farmer Finca El Platanillo
Process Anaerobic natural
Variety Geisha
Altittude 1500 m
Notes exotic profile | tropical fruits | citrus
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Finca El Platanillo became the world’s first coffee farm to be Rainforest Alliance Verified as Climate Friendly. Last year during @cupofexcellence auction coffee from El Platanillo finished within top 10. It was natural green tip Geisha scored 88,46.

Regarding the coffee itself, high quality and productivity have always been the goal. For many years, Stuardo, has been constantly studying and researching varietals that will adapt at El Platanillo’s specific conditions. For this reason, many years ago he started a varietal garden where all varietals (around 50 different ones) are deeply studied both for their production capabilities, as well as adaptation to the microclimate, and cup characteristics. Varieties that are found ideal for the farm are thoroughly tested and then plotted as a new plantation.

Lot name El Paraiso

Farm size 347 He

Producer Stuardo Coto | In 1977, Mr. Samuel Coto Escobar purchased Finca El Platanillo and managed it until 1985. In 1985 the farm management was passed to Mr. Samuel’s youngest son, Mr. Stuardo Coto. Since then, management has focused on the ecosystem, the community, coffee quality and productivity. Pictured Stuardo Coto and his son Samuel.

Region San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta, San Marcos, Guatemala | the warmest of the eight coffee-growing regions, San Marcos also has the highest rainfall pattern, reaching up to 200 inches (5,000 mm).  The seasonal rains come sooner than in other regions, producing the earliest flowering.  As in all of Guatemala’s remote regions, most of Volcanic San Marcos is cultivated on farms with their own processing mills. Because of the unpredictability of rainfall during the harvest season, much of the coffee is pre-dried in the sun and finished in a Guardiola dryer.

Altitude 1,450 m asl/ 4750 ft asl

Varietal Geisha(Gesha) | The “El Paraiso Geisha” lot is a 100% Geisha variety selected from a 3rd plantation of Geisha where only the best plants were selected in order to take the seeds for the plantation. All in all, the refinement of this variety is a 10 year long process where through trial and error we have found the best genetics, and along that time, also the best way to pick and process this variety.

Process Anaerobic Natural | it’s a traditionally processed natural coffee on raised(african) beds with constant control

Certifications Rainforest Alliance Certified, Café Practices certified.

SCA 90,5

Descriptors: exotic profile | tropical fruits | citrus

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