Sweetbeans, Costa Rica, Las Lajas Black Honey


Roaster Sweetbeans Russia
Origin Costa Rica, Central Valley
Farmer  Oscar Chacon
Process Black Honey
Variety Cattura
Altittude 1300-1600 m
Notes fig | blueberry | juicy
Roasted filter
Weight 0.2 kg
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The Las Lajas mill is well known for their unique and exotic honey and natural process coffees. In 2008 an earthquake hit during harvest; left without electricity or water for a week whilst pickers were delivering coffee, they took the risk to process the coffee in the natural style. The first reaction from local cuppers was negative, however the international coffee community loved the profile and so it was decided to continue processing naturals. Their process has changed and adapted over the years, and also prompted a trend in natural process micro lots in Costa Rica.

Producer Oscar Chacon  | Oscar and Francisca are the owner-operators of the Beneficio Las Lajas; third generation coffee producers, however prior to 2006 were only involved in growing coffee, not processing. Their passion for the coffee industry is evident in the care and expertise they impart in every lot of coffee the process. In 2006, Oscar and Francisca decided to start processing their own coffee and experiment with micro lots in order to be able to spend more time at home and leave something to their children. Since establishing the Las Lajas micro mill, they have grown from an initial annual production of 25 bags, to an ever-expanding football field sized drying area and an exportable volume of around 2000 bags!

Region Central Valley | The Central Valley is composed of the provinces of San José, Heredia and Alajuela. It is the most highly populated region of Costa Rica, where the capital, San José, is located. Here, coffee plantations were first established and were then taken to the other seven coffee growing regions.

Coffee plantations began in the last decade of the 1820th century. In XNUMX, the first export of a quintal of coffee to Panama was recorded. In Costa Rica, with coffee export mainly to Europe, came the railroad, the post office, the printing press, the first university, as well as culture and education and the construction of the National Theater, among other works.

Altitude 1300-1600 masl

Varietal Caturra

Process black honey natural | signature natural fermentation by Oscar. The Black Honey process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. … Instead, the term ‘honey’ relates to the ‘mucilage’ (sticky substance) left on the coffee bean. 

Unique process: The coffee is heaped in mountains or collected in sacks to extend the drying process, while keeping the internal temperature low. The objective being to impart an intense, bright cup profile. It is a longer and more labor-intense drying process.

SCA 89,75

Descriptors: fig | blueberry | juicy

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