La Cabra, Kenya, Oreti PB



Roaster La Cabra
OriginKent Kenya, Thika
Farmer Boyce Harris
Process Washed
Variety SL14, SL28,SL34
Altittude 1600 m
Notes  Raspberry, Molasses and Blackberry
Roasted Filter/Espresso
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Intense syrupy sweetness and body are enhanced by the Peaberry selection of this fresh lot from the Oreti Estate.
  • An intense concentrated sweetness and body is typical of Kenyan peaberry selections.
  • Produced by fifth generation farmer Boyce Harries.
  • A single estate Kenyan coffee grown on the Oreti Estate.
  • Look for: Raspberry, Molasses and Blackberry.
  • Whole Bean Coffee: 250g 
  • Minimum resting period: Filter 7 days | Espresso 14 days.


This coffee is rather different from the vast majority of Kenyan coffees we have purchased in the past. The Harries family own some of the very last coffee estates in Kenya, so are able to produce coffee outside the cooperative system that dominates the Kenyan coffee lands. They take care of each step of the process themselves, from tree to export, so have a great deal of control over the final cup profile. This level of control allows the Harries the unique opportunity to create and export micro-lots, with specific varietals or new processing methods. This level of creativity and agility is not seen in the larger scale cooperative system in Kenya, which relies on consistency in larger lots in order to create secure income for the coop’s members..

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