La Cabra, Brazil, Fazenda Estiva



Roaster La Cabra
Origin Brazil, Sul de Minas
Farmer José Carlos Peloso
Process Natural
Variety Mundo Novo
Altittude 900 m
Notes Chocolate, Almond and Cherry
Roasted Filter/Espresso
Weight 0.25 kg

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The natural process enhances this classically Brazilian lot, with a chocolate and nut backbone joined by jammy fruit.
  • Our first fresh crop Brazil of the season.
  • Grown on a comparatively small farm in the Sul de Minas region.
  • Naturally processed Mundo Nove varietal brings classically rich and sweet Brazil character.
  • Look for: Chocolate, Almond and Cherry
  • Whole Bean Coffee: 250g 

ABOUT THE COFFEE – Fazenda Estiva

Since 1981, José Carlos Peloso has been growing coffee in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. While this was his first venture into owning his own land, coffee production has been in the family for generations. After completing his training in dentistry, José’s passion for coffee led him back to rural Minas, where he purchased the 68 hectare plot that was to become Fazenda Estiva, and settled down with his family. They manage the farm together, José, his wife, and their two children. While Sul de Minas is one of the most productive coffee areas in Brazil, boasting almost 30% of the nation’s total production, Fazenda Estiva has a comparatively small are planted with coffee, at only 10 hectares. In fact, this year we have purchased more than a fifth of their total production. This particular lot is of the Mundo Novo varietal, a very popular varietal in this part of Brazil due to its good balance between cup quality and yield, and one which we tend to favour on the cupping table. The natural process enhances the richness of this classically Brazilian lot, with a heavy chocolate and nut backbone joined by a touch of jammy fruit.


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