Kawa, Uganda, Kingha Collective


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Uganda, Kinungu
Farmer Kingsley Griffin
Process Washed
Variety SL-14,SL-28,SL-34
Altittude 1300 m

Orange, cacao and milk chocolate

Roasted espresso
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An excellent espresso coffee with hints of cocoa and an aftertaste of orangina. Very good as a filter, if you are looking for something round and chocolatey.

Kingsley Griffin, originally from Canada, was a teacher before deciding to take over a farm following a trek in the Bwindi forest, gorilla forest. After a year, he realized the difficulty of this profession and the importance of fermentation processes. Now, after several years of coffee cultivation, he is among the best producers in Uganda and he is helping the producers around to develop Ugandan coffee.

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