Kawa, Nicaragua, La Huella [Yellow Pacamara]


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Nicaragua, Matagal

La Huella

Process Anaerobic Natural 88 hrs
Variety Yellow pacamara
Altittude 1300 m
Notes  Peach, lime and cherry
Roasted filter
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A well-balanced and delicious coffee, offering a rich cup with notes of peach, lime and cherry.

La Huella

La Huella is a relatively new farm; it was purchased in 2014. Nevertheless, it produces some of our best coffees. It is located in the Arenal Nature Reserve, which has restrictions on deforestation and water contamination. The microclimate of this farm site is unique, it is usually foggy for about 60% of the day. This means that we do not use many shade trees at La Huella, as the farm shades itself with fog. The Yellow Pacamara variety, which needs more light than other varieties such as Gesha, thrives on this farm because of the limited number of shade trees.

Other varieties grown on this farm are Yellow Pacas, Red Pacamara, Javanica, Orange Bourbon, Red Catuai, Pink Bourbon (recently), SL-28 (most recently) and H1 Centroamerican (most recently). The Yellow Pacamara is a natural mutation of the Red Pacamara (a cross between a Maragogype and Pacas). We first discovered this yellow ripening variety on our El Limoncillo farm around 2004. We replanted some seeds from these first trees and from then on we grew this variety on our other farms as well. This variety requires more fertiliser than other varieties, about 20% more than a Bourbon or Caturra, and needs soil rich in magnesium, zinc and potassium (of which La Huella is generously supplied). It is also a variety that is susceptible to disease and does not yield much. Despite these drawbacks, this variety produces a spectacular cup profile. More fruity and citrusy than its red ripening cousin.

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