Kawa, Ethiopia, Bensa Logita


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Ethiopia, Sidamo
Farmer Daye Bensa
Process Washed
Variety Heirloom
Altittude 1900 m
Notes Black tea, red plum and citrus
Roasted filter
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A magnificent Ethiopian washed with a very nice acidity.


This Ethiopian coffee, produced for the benefit of the Daye Bensa company, offers a nice sweetness, a hallmark of its belonging to the Sidama appellation. Located at an altitude of around 1900m, the farm from which this lot comes benefits from a rich and fertile environment due to the endemic forest that surrounds it.

Anxious to preserve this terroir, Daye Bensa coordinates a reforestation program, on the recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture, to increase the tree cover of her coffee farm. Proud of its local roots, the company was inspired by the toponymies of the region to create its name. Daye is indeed the city located 10 km from the benefit and Bensa the name of the district where it is located.

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