Kawa, Ecuador, Gonzalo Armijos



Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Ecuador,   Saraguro
Farmer Gonzalo Armijos
Process Washed
Variety Typica
Altittude 2000 m
Notes Milk chocolate, pear, honey
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.2 kg
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A washed coffee from Ecuador that is sweet and floral to taste in a filter!

Gonzalo Armijos
Gonzalo Armijos’ farm is located in the La Papaya sector, which is very well known in Ecuador. Gonzalo mostly grows the Typica variety using Natural or Washed methods to dry his cherries. Its coffee is generally described as floral, pure, elegant and balanced.

Gonzalo was born in 1973 in San Antonio de Cumbe in Loja and lived in the La Papaya area for 22 years. He is the father of 4 children and has dedicated his life to farming. He has been working under L’Hacienda de La Papaya since 2019 and has specialized in fertilization as well as the development of new washed drying methods. This is what allowed him to gain in quality until he became a producer of one of the best coffees in Ecuador.

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