Kawa, Costa Rica, Fernando Cordero



Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Costa Rica, San Ramon
Farmer Fernando Gordero
Process Anaerobic
Variety Yellow Catuai
Altittude 1700 m
Notes Cinnamon, apple, delicate acidity, intense sweetnes
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.2 kg
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A coffee with its own signature aroma. Notes of cinnamon and apple, a nice acidity and a remarkable sweetness.

Variety Catuai Yellow
Method Anaerobic
Producer Fernando Cordero
Score 88+

Fernando Cordero

As one of six siblings, Fernando never imagined that at some point he would run the family farm. The Cordero family is one of ten families that produce their coffee in Cordillera de Fuego.

The owner of Cordillera de Fuego, Luis Campos, came up with the idea of thermal fermentation more than 10 years ago and after years of research, he implemented and sold coffee from this unique process for the first time 5 years ago. His goal with the thermal fermentation process is to extract and refine the fruit flavours of the coffee cherries through a controlled fermentation process. The unique flavours and tasting notes of the thermal fermentation microlot come from its special processing method. This process begins with the selection of hand-picked, super-ripe coffee cherries that have a Brix level (a measure of sugar content) near 26. Selecting the cherries when they are at their ripest allows them to have a high sugar content.

For this special process, the coffee cherry is added to stainless steel tanks with the mucilage left behind. The tanks are hermetically sealed, and the absence of oxygen stimulates a thermal fermentation process. The process develops a unique series of acids such as lactic and malic which will result in a very complex flavour. Once ready the coffee is 100% sun-dried. The Cordillera de Fuego wet mill has implemented many small projects to reduce water consumption and increase efficiency, but one of the biggest projects they have completed is the installation of solar panels, with these panels the main office can run on 100% solar power and the solar panel also provides over 50% of the energy for the wet mill.

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