Kawa, Costa Rica, El Venado



Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Costa Rica, West Valley
Farmer Magali & Alaxander Delgado
Process Yellow honey
Variety SL-28
Altittude 1500 m
Notes Dark chocolate, pear and honey
Roasted Filter/Espresso
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Ideal coffee for espresso and filter!

The farmers Magali & Alaxander Delgado

A fine example of traceability with this coffee cultivated by Magali Delgado and her brother Alexander in Costa Rica who own two farms, where they cultivate different varieties such as Caturra, Catuaí, Geisha, Villa Sarchí and in particular the SL-28 variety from Kenya. SL-28 is a rare and complex variety with exceptional aromas and flavors. This is also highlighted by the Yellow Honey drying method, which consists of pulping the coffee cherry while leaving the flesh. As the farm is on the Pacific slope, these privileged lands have a well-defined wet and dry season. The fertile volcanic soils of the West Valley produce an excellent cup profile.


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