Kawa, Colombia, El Vergel Anaerobic


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Colombia, Tolima
Farmer El Vergel
Process Anaerobic
Variety Red and Yellow catuai
Altittude 1600 m
Notes grenadin and guave
Roasted filter
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A natural Colombian anaerobic coffee with notes of grenadine and guava. A rich, round coffee that is perfect for filtering.

Q-SCORE: 88+

Finca El Vergel

This micro-lot on the EL VERGEL farm, is surrounded by guava trees, giving this coffee one of the most intensely fruity profiles on the estate. Planted in 2016 and 2018 with a quantity of over 40,000 plants, this lot was one of the best on the estate to experiment with processing larger lots.

This coffee is processed by a method that is unique in this field. This consists of a special 2 stage anaerobic fermentation to develop a more intense but clean profile. In effect, this brings out all the attributes of the variety combined with the unique flavour of the process, which is then sun-dried for 15-25 days.
We have a special affection for Shady & Elias who regularly come to Europe to talk about their passion and their coffees.

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