Kawa, Colombia, Finca la Esmeralda


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Colombia, Huila
Farmer Norbey Quimbayo
Process washed fermented 90 hours
Variety Caturra
Altittude 1700 m
Notes kiwi to milk chocolate to strawberry
Roasted espresso/filter
Weight 0.20 kg
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A 100% Caturra Colombian with notes ranging from kiwi to milk chocolate to strawberry. A trip guaranteed!

Q-SCORE: 86+

Norbey Quimbayo

This coffee was grown by Norbey and his wife at Finca Esmeralda. The cherries in this batch were harvested by hand, following strict maturity criteria. Then, the coffee beans, still surrounded by their pulp, were placed in plastic tanks. There, they were subjected to a dry fermentation for 90 hours. During this process the temperature is maintained at 20 degrees, which allows an intensification of the lactic acid concentration. Then the pulp is removed and the grains ferment for another 20 hours, still without water. They are then washed and dried.

Norbey has been working in the coffee fields since he was young. In 2006, he started producing coffee at Finca Esmeralda at about 1800m altitude. He then decided to use Caturra to get a high quality cup. Later he added the Tabi and Bourbon Rose varieties to his farm.

This micro-lot contains 100% Caturra. It is a variety that comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a natural mutation of the Bourbon Rouge. Caturra produces more coffee and is more resistant to diseases than Bourbon Rouge.

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