Kawa, Colombia, 90+ El Paraíso #2


Roaster Kawa Paris
Origin Colombia, Vale del Cauca
Farmer Diego Samuel Bermudez
Process Double Anaerobic fermentation
Variety Castillo
Altittude 1700+ m
Notes raspberry yogurt and hibiscus
Roasted filter
Weight 0.20 kg
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A new batch with notes of violets, raspberry yogurt and hibiscus!

Q-SCORE: 90+


Diego Samuel Bermudez The culmination of the work of Diego Samuel Bermudez, this little fruity bomb with sweet accents comes straight from Finca El Paraiso, nestled at an altitude of 1,700 meters in El Tambo in the Cauca region of Colombia. Focused on innovation both technologically and agronomically, this young coffee grower is exploring different ways to improve the cup quality of his coffees while controlling the impact of climate change in the country. This coffee comes from a mono-varietal batch of Castillo, a high-yielding variety popular in Colombia because it is resistant to coffee rust. Its treatment in double anaerobic fermentation gives it all its aromatic complexity and its juicy character.

el paraiso agriculteur cafeiculteur kawa coffee

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