Elbgold kaffe, Guatemala, Bella Vista


Roaster Elbgold kaffe, Hamburg
Origin Guatemala, Antigua
Farmer Bela Vista
Process Washed
Variety Bourbon & Caturra
Altittude 1700 m
Notes Chocolate mousse, Cherry, Cocoa butter
Roasted filter
Weight 0.25 kg
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This coffee tastes like a Black Forest cake! After dark chocolate, cherry and cream. It’s super complex, balanced, sweet, creamy and round.

And we are incredibly proud that we were able to bring Luis Pedro Zelaya’s sensational coffee to Hamburg. We got to know him through Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera, after our visit to Honduras in 2019 we spent two days in Antigua and visited Luis. After his return visit to Hamburg last summer and our time together in Berlin during the WOC, he invited us to his harvest this year. Oh wow what a great operation! Luis Pedro Zelaya is the fourth generation of the family to manage the Beneficio Bella Vista. With his background in agricultural science, he is not only an innovative coffee producer and a role model for the coffee community in Antigua, but he also helps and advises other producers on the cultivation and processing of their coffees. He focuses on innovation and quality and is constantly optimizing his mill, where he works in a water-saving and sustainable manner. He has been producing specialty coffee and award-winning microlots since 2000. He also roasts his own coffee and runs two cafes in Guatemala.

Finca Bella Vista is located on the volcano de Aqua. The plants grow here on mineral soil under shady Gravilea trees. After picking, the cherries of the different lots are washed immediately in the mill – all coffees are first depulped separately according to lot and variety, then fermented and then dried on patios, in dryers and on raised beds. The mill is impressive: there are 24 mini-tanks and the greenhouse has 7 floors to dry the many different lots separately. This takes up to 18 days, during which the temperature and moisture content of the coffee is measured continuously. In total, we sipped our way through 150 coffee samples on site – all of them were super clean, chocolaty and sweet – but this coffee completely blew us away. It is super delicate and tastes like chocolate mousse, cherry and cocoa butter.

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Weight 0.25 kg









Red bourbon


1900 m


Black currant, Peach, Toffee