Cocora, Honduras, Yolanda


Roaster Cocora Coffee Roasters
Origin Ethiopia, Guji
Farmer Hailessie Ambaye
Process Washed
Variety Bourbon
Altittude 2100-2300 m
Notes Jasmin, violets and peach. Honey sweetness and silky body
Roasted filter/espresso
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Yolanda owns the farm el Triunfo, which is located in the las Pacayas area of Corquin, Copan. Yolanda manages her farm with the help of her husband and her three sons who are all studying agronomy. The farm is pure red catuai, which Yolanda prefers for it’s great production and good cup quality. The farm is only small, at two hectares, and most of that is native forest and shade trees, since Yolanda believes that the key to the quality of her coffee is in the synergy of coffee with the rest of the environment.
Yolanda and her husband, Luis, manage the farms together and biodiversity is central to their approach. They have a variety of different fruit trees and native trees that attract all sorts of wildlife from birds to wild cats. On the farm they grow vegetables and raise cows, which they use the manure from to fertilise the farm. Although it’s not certified, Yolanda and Luis manage their farms biodynamically.
This lot is a natural processed parainema variety and was dried on raised beds in the Aruco facility in Corquin.

Crop: September, 2019
SCA rating: 87+


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Weight 0.25 kg