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An ideal brewer for enjoying filter coffee without breaking the bank. This plastic brewer is easy to use and visually pleasing; its “open/close” system retains the brew in the dripper, and extraction begins when pressing. You’ll find it easy to control the extraction process, making it a great brewer for all palates!

How to brew:
1 / Place the paper filter in the filter holder
(flat-bottomed filters are best).
2 / Use a pouring kettle to rinse the filter thoroughly to
remove any residue from the paper. Empty.
3 / Place the appropriate amount of ground coffee in the filter.
4 / First extraction: pour water over the coffee for 30 to 45
seconds moving from the centre out to the exterior.
5 / Second extraction: pour the rest of the water
using the same method.
6 / Cover the filter holder with the lid and leave to brew.
7 / Place the Clever Dripper over a jug or cup and let the coffee
drain completely. Note: the total flow time for 400 mL of water
is about 1 minute 30 seconds.
8 / Remove the filter holder and enjoy.

Brewing tips:

The grind size: medium+ (more than for an electric filter but less than for a coffee press).
Quantity: between 7 and 12 g per 100 mL of water.
The water: Non-boiling (90 to 95 °C), filtered or mineral if possible.
Coffee roast: A light roast combined with a tangy coffee will give the best results in the cup.



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