April Pour over Kit


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A new way to brew coffee at home, inspired by professionals. Ceramic brewers redefined in Copenhagen by April Coffee Roaster.

The April Brewer project started with a simple goal; to create a Drip Filter Brewer that generates a perfectly balanced, transparent, and reliable taste experience.

Over the last two years, we have worked on perfecting every aspect of the brewer. Today we are confident in our results and ready to launch version 3.0, the final edition of our brewer to the public. 

The Collection

The April Brewer comes with a custom-designed saucer and cup that you can brew directly in to. With the cup comes a lid to improve the aroma experience, it also allows you to regulate the temperature to your liking. 

What makes this brewer special? 

We have considered the whole experience, from brewing to tasting. Asking ourselves what the best way to brew and enjoy a cup of coffee is? The result is a one of a kind flatbed brewer with a custom-designed bottom that allows unique water flow. This feature creates a sweeter taste experience in all temperatures and generates the highest possible flavor quality. But it’s not just about the brewing process. To enjoy the coffee in the best possible way, we created an innovative lid solution; that allows you to trap aromas and keep temperature stability.