80plus, Peru, Tres Vecinos


Roaster 80plus coffee
Origin Peru, Junin, Huancayo
Farmer Tres Vecinos
Process Washed, 24-36 hours of fermentation in open tanks
Variety Typica & Bourbon
Altittude 1600 m
Notes White floral notes, very sweet with panela notes and creamy mouthfeel
Roasted filter/espresso
Weight 0.25 kg
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We are excited to start working with Cultivar, specialty coffee exporters in Peru who have a very close relationship with local producers.


Cultivar: This micro lot is produced by three neighbours: Fredy, Eleuterio and Mario. Like many other growers in this region, Fredy, Eleuterio and Mario have small coffee plots in production. Up to 2009/2010, there wasn’t much production of coffee in the region. But because of outbreaks of plagues in maize and beans, people started to plant some more coffee trees as an alternative source of income. Before that, coffee production was not of any great significance to the families around Santiago de Oropel.

The three neighbours are members of the association AAVAPA (Asociacion de Agricultores del Valle Pauran), together with 18 other members. They started to focus on improving the quality of their coffee three years ago. They are far away from any bigger town or city in the province and struggle with the high transportation prices to get their coffee to the nearest market. Selling their coffee against commercial market prices doesn’t therefore make a lot of sense. Yet, having their farms in such a unique micro region and coffees with a completely different flavor profile than other coffees from the Central coffee region of Peru, they would be crazy not to try and enter the specialty coffee market.

  • Origin:Perú
  • Terroir:Junin, Huancayo, Santo Domingo Acobamba, 2100-2200 masl
  • Farm:Tres Vecinos
  • Producer:Fredy, Eleuterio, Mario
  • Varietal:Typica & Bourbon
  • Processing:Washed – 24-36 hours of fermentation in open tanks
  • Drying:Sun dried for 15-20 days
  • Aroma:White floral notes
  • Flavour:Very sweet with panela notes and creamy mouthfeel

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Weight 0.25 kg









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