80 plus, Mexico, Decaf


Roaster 80 plus
Origin Mexico, Chiapas, Tapachula
Farmer Rodriguez-Luethje family, Finca Muxbal
Process Mountain water process
Variety Decaf
Altittude 1500 m
Notes Citric, Milk chocolate, Cookies
Roasted espresso/filter
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This coffee from Chiapas has been treated without chemicals to extract caffeine from the beans in a more delicate and natural way with mountain water. The water solution is saturated with all coffee components except for caffeine, so caffeine is extracted by osmosis without affecting the flavours.

· Origin: Mexico, Chiapas

· Processing: Washed

· Decaffeination process: Mountain water process

· Aroma: Cereal, Sugar cane

· Flavour: Citric, Milk chocolate, Cookies


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Weight 0.25 kg