80 plus, El Salvador, Santa Rosa


Roaster 80 plus
Origin El Salvador, Santa Rosa, Ahuachapan
Farmer El Carmen
Process Natural
Variety Bourbon, Pacas
Altittude 1500-1800 m

Strawberry, red apple, cinnamon. Cacao nibs, with a creamy body

Roasted espresso
Weight 0.25 kg
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Mauricio Escalon was born in a coffee producing family who began their coffee story in the third quarter of 1800th. The family business has 10 farms and 2 Mills. Mauricio is Managing Director of Cafescal specialty Coffee exporting company. He is responsible for administration and management of agricultural processes. He has a Degree in Architecture and working experience in building society but his passion for coffee brought him back to family business.

  • Origin:El Salvador
  • Terroir:Santa Rosa, Ahuachapan
  • Farm:El Carmen
  • Producer:Mauricio Escalon
  • Variety:Bourbon, Pacas
  • Processing:Natural
  • Drying:Sundried on raised beds
  • Aroma:Strawberry, red apple, cinnamon
  • Flavour:Cacao nibs, with a creamy body

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Weight 0.25 kg