19grams, India Ekata, Anaerobic



Roaster 19grams Berlin
Origin India, Karnataka
Farmer Ekat Community
Process Natural Anaerobic
Variety Selection 9, S795, S HRC
Altittude 1500 m
Notes Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Macadamia Nuts
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.25 kg

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About the coffee

Our Ekata Community Farm filter coffee comes from the Ekata Farm, which is located at about 1500 meters on the mountain range Baba Budan Giri, in the famous Indian growing region Karnataka. The varieties SLN795, SLN9 and SLN HRC are harvested together and processed with an anaerobic natural method. This gives these coffees beens very intense flavours and a great lingering aftertaste. For 40 years, coffee has been grown here at a specialty level. And that’s what you taste in the cup: Soft and sweet with a subtle acidity and good body, mild notes of oriental spices, we taste macadamia nuts, strawberry and milk chocolate.

The SLN795 variety is a cross between the Kent and S288 varieties, which is particularly resistant to leaf rust. It is mainly grown in India and Indonesia. The Kent coffee plant was named after a farmer who worked in a selection program in India in the 1920’s. It is also considered to be less susceptible to leaf rust. 

About the farm

Karnataka is located in the southwest of India. The history of coffee cultivation goes back to the myth of the pilgrim Baba Budan. He is said to have traveled through Yemen around 1670 and brought the coffee plant to India. Coming from Mecca, he smuggled seven coffee seeds across the border. The seven is considered a holy number in Islam, which is why Baba Budan’s actions are still considered a holy act today. He planted the first seeds in the Karnataka region, where they thrived excellently.

The Bababudangiri mountains are still an important coffee growing region in India. The coffees grown here are not only considered rarities, but also the most complex and finest Arabica coffees in India. Their flavours are strongly influenced by the surrounding flora and fauna: spices such as pepper, vanilla and cardamom, but also orange trees provide great tasting notes.

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