19grams, Colombia, Finca La Morelia White Honey



Roaster 19grams Berlin
Origin Colombia, Huila
Farmer Finca La Morelia 
Process White-honey-processed
Variety Colombia
Altittude 1700 m
Red grape, almond, white chocolate
Roasted Espresso
Weight 0.25 kg

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This coffee comes from the same farm, Finca Morelia, but is based on a different variety: the Colombia variety.
The espresso is ‘white-honey-processed’. This means that the cherries are pulped and washed as in the ‘red- and yellow-processed’ method. The washing is more intense in this process, so that even less mucilago sticks to the beans at the end before they are placed in the sun to dry.
Thus, the beans show little or no discoloration and remain white even after drying. Thanks to this special process, a wonderful flavor combination of white chocolate, red grape and soft almond is created.

Finca La Morelia is the result of a 50-year family tradition of coffee production that has maintained high-quality standards. Don Gilberto Torres and his wife, Cecilia Valencia, acquired their land in Armenia with intent to produce some of Colombia’s highest quality coffees. Today, their son, Don Eduard Fabian Torres has grown their operations to produce high-quality micro-lots all while exceeding industry standards of environmental (shade-grown coffee) and social sustainability. With these standards, Finca La Morelia is a certified Cafe de Colombia (extremely difficult certification to achieve) for its consistent high-quality and is a certified Protection Denomination of Origin for their environmental care. For the Torres family, La Morelia means the evolution of a process that returns in each sip the emotion of a universal drink, made from the deep tropics.

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