19grams, Colombia, El Paraiso



Roaster 19grams Berlin
Origin Colombia, Cauca
Farmer Diego Samuel Bermudez
Process Tropical Anoerobic Washed
Variety Castillo
Altittude 1930 m
Notes Lime, Mango, Papaya
Roasted Filter
Weight 0.25 kg
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About this coffee

El Paraìso is a family business. Diego Samuel Bermùdez Tapia was fascinated by coffee growing from a young age. His family did not grow coffee – but a family friend who ran a coffee farm was his first introduction to growing coffee plants. As he likes to say himself: Diego was adopted by the coffee growing industry!

After studying Agri-Business Management, Diego convinced his family to let him plant coffee trees on a small plot of their farm (2.5 hectares). This is how Diego started in the coffee industry: cultivating his trees and selling his cherries to local cooperatives, which enabled him to pay for his studies.

After graduating in 2012, Diego and his family founded Indestec, which now owns and operates five fincas throughout Cauca and grows 70 hectares of coffee trees. Their goal was to develop and promote competitive and sustainable agriculture by developing technology solutions.

Coffee is a natural product, but a lot happens during its processing – from the cherry to the cup. To be able to ensure stable coffee quality from harvest to harvest, Diego and his team started analysing all processing steps. Diego became a certified Level 2 Q Processing Professional, which allows him to see and understand how pH, temperature and microorganisms affect the profile of the coffee cup.

Diego and his team have developed advanced fermentation and washing techniques: for example, they use microorganisms they have collected themselves. Diego has even developed his own dryers that work according to an environmentally friendly condensation principle.

In 2008, Diego Samuel Bermùdez Tapia started a family project to grow coffee on the farm El Paraìso, located in the department of Cauca, municipality of Piendamo, village of Los Arados, beginning an adventure that would change his life.

He was one of the first farmers in Colombia to experiment with fermentation, adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts. He has since developed different recipes that are reproducible, allowing him to produce his profiles as needed. This is possible thanks to rigorous processing, where maintaining a clean and controlled environment is key. All cherries are washed thoroughly with filtered water to remove any microorganisms that may be on the skins. Then the microorganisms are introduced. The degree of fermentation is controlled by monitoring temperature and pH.

The thermal shock process, which uses cold and warm water, guarantees that the tropical flavours and aromas are better absorbed by the beans.

Since 2015, Finca El Paraìso has positioned itself as a producer of speciality coffee by participating in various regional and national competitions and has dedicated itself as a family business to the cultivation, processing and marketing of high-quality coffee. The company now comprises a total of four farms: the three-hectare El Paraìso and the new farms Villa Rosita, Villa Esperanza and Villa Alejandro, with seven, ten and three hectares of coffee land respectively, adding up to a total of 25 hectares of coffee land. They all operate under the name El Paraìso.

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